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folder2013-2014 IHCDA HHF Blight Elimination Program2015-12-21 13:17
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file2013-01-29 Indiana House OKs looser rules on selling old schools - IBJ.pdf2013-01-29 23:2418 KB
file2013-02 City of South Bend Vacant & Abandoned Properties Taskforce Report.pdf2013-03-01 01:036856 KB
file2013-02-28 1000 properties in 1000 days (South Bend vacant housing).pdf2013-03-01 00:5536 KB
file2013-03-27 Many efforts arise to address abandoned property, few go forward - Indiana Lawyer.pdf2013-03-27 21:0970 KB
file2013-04-11 Bill to handle abandoned homes still on track - IBJ.pdf2013-04-12 17:4939 KB
file2013-06-03 Gary unveils Dollar Home Program.pdf2013-06-05 13:4638 KB
file2013-06-10 New Indiana law cuts down on tall grass, weeds, local officials hope.pdf2013-06-12 03:0143 KB
file2013-06-25 Law expansion to give homeowners freedom to clean graffiti - WXIN.pdf2013-06-25 11:5623 KB
file2013-06-27 New laws address abandoned housing graffiti and theft - Indy Star.pdf2013-06-27 20:31140 KB
file2013-07-15 Solving the Abandoned Homes Crisis - NUVO.pdf2013-08-01 07:0639 KB
file2013-07-16 Indy leaders looking out of state for solutions to abandoned property problem - WXIN.pdf2013-08-01 03:09152 KB
file2013-11-18 Unoccupied homes often leave taxpayers footing the bill.pdf2013-11-19 14:2959 KB
file2013-12-14 Pressure on legislature to address abandoned homes - IBJ.pdf2013-12-23 19:5728 KB
file2013-12-23 Bill to target abandoned-home epidemic in Indiana - IBJ.pdf2013-12-23 19:5425 KB
file2014-01-27 Beautification project to target abandoned homes (Spring Forward).pdf2014-02-05 18:10326 KB
file2014-03-10 Addressing Blight in South Bend (Spring Forward).pdf2014-03-10 18:24295 KB
file2014-06-08 List of Indiana's meth contaminated properties set to go public.pdf2014-06-16 13:5156 KB
file2014-07-04 Smith-Houses for $1 Indy should do that again - Indy Star.pdf2014-10-06 21:43135 KB
file2014-12-07 Empty, neglected homes became setting for tragedies in Gary.pdf2014-12-30 16:34115 KB
file2015-07-25 Deal for large-scale demolitions in the works for Evansville.pdf2015-07-26 16:5980 KB
fileIndiana Code 34-30-26 Real Property Suspected to Be Vacant or Abandoned.URL2013-06-25 19:410 KB