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folder2003-2006 Mayor Peterson Abandoned Housing Initiative2015-09-23 00:22
folder2008 Mayor Ballard Abandoned Housing Initiative2015-09-23 00:23
folder2010-02 Reggie Walton DMD Appointment2015-09-23 00:25
folder2010-2013 DPW RebuildIndy Demo2015-10-20 15:13
folder2011-09 DMD-HRH Sale2015-09-23 00:26
folder2012-09 DMD Land Bank Sale2015-09-23 00:29
folder2013-05 Corruption Scandal2018-07-01 14:13
folder2013-11 Renew Indianapolis2015-09-23 01:25
file2008-03-24 City-County Council Proposal 125, 2008 - Eligibility to Receive Real Property from MDC.pdf2015-03-27 16:1066 KB
file2008-05-20 Life of an Abandoned Building.doc2015-03-27 16:1663 KB
file2008-06-26 Mayor uses Indy Land Bank in fight against blight - DMD.pdf2015-03-27 16:1425 KB
file2008-07-08 Another tool to help solve Indy's abandoned housing problem - DMD.pdf2015-03-27 19:3525 KB
file2008-07-08 Indianapolis Land Bank Goes Online - IIB.pdf2015-06-19 15:0432 KB
file2009-09-01 09C010 LAND BANK PROCESS.docx2015-03-30 01:2210 KB
file2010-06-18 Indianapolis To Discuss Land Bank Concept.pdf2015-06-19 15:0016 KB
file2010-09-29 City Looks For Gardeners To Green Vacant Lots - WRTV.pdf2015-06-19 15:0719 KB
file2011-08-01 DMD Land Bank Demo ITB8220.pdf2015-03-27 16:10711 KB
fileDMD CED - Indianapolis Land Bank.URL2015-03-30 01:220 KB
fileDMD CED - Indy Land Bank.URL2015-03-27 16:100 KB
fileDMD CED - Land Bank.URL2015-03-27 16:100 KB
fileIndy Land Bank Battling Blight Logo web square.jpg2015-04-20 14:42150 KB
fileIndy Land Bank Logo web square.jpg2015-04-20 14:42127 KB