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file2013-07-25 Red Line - proposed Meridian Street alignment.pdf2013-07-31 13:32947 KB
file2013-07-25 Red Line route - north.jpg2013-07-31 19:212935 KB
file2013-07-25 Red Line route - south.jpg2013-07-31 19:223334 KB
file2013-07-25 Red Line stations - north 1.jpg2013-07-31 19:232205 KB
file2013-07-25 Red Line stations - north 2.jpg2013-07-31 19:242204 KB
file2013-07-25 Red Line stations - south 1.jpg2013-07-31 19:242348 KB
file2013-07-25 Red Line stations - south 2.jpg2013-07-31 19:342208 KB
file2013-08-03 Indy Connect schedule flyer v6.pdf2013-08-06 14:21311 KB
file2013-10-23 Randal O'Toole-The folly of Indiana mass transit (Indy Connect dialog).pdf2015-09-16 19:22192 KB
file2015-07-24 Red Line route map, phasing & specs.pdf2015-09-04 15:36976 KB
file2015-08-07 Red Line TOD Strategic Plan.pdf2015-09-16 19:1838280 KB
file2015-08-28 Red Line public meeting posters.pdf2015-09-04 15:195071 KB
file2015-09-03 Red Line proposed College Avenue stations.pdf2015-10-06 14:1110943 KB
file2018-03-30 Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan halts streetcar expansion project as costs jump past $200M - The Seattle Times.pdf2018-04-04 19:542051 KB
file2019-02-11 MEC Midtown Alley Evaluation (Michael McKillip & Colleen Fanning).lnk2019-02-13 17:442 KB
fileA Preview of the Red Line Station Alignments - Urban Indy.URL2015-09-08 17:310 KB
fileIndy Connect - Red Line Recommendations.URL2013-08-06 14:200 KB
fileIndyGo - Red Line Detailed Plans.url2015-11-18 16:310 KB
fileIndyGo - Red Line FAQs.URL2015-09-21 21:400 KB
fileIndyGo - Red Line Rapid Transit.URL2015-09-21 21:410 KB