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file2011-08-17 Redevelopment & Economic Development Area FAQ.docx2011-08-22 20:1817 KB
file2014-01 City-County Council & MDC TIF MOA.pdf2015-03-25 14:10751 KB
file2014-04 Barnes & Thornburgh TIF Overview (Thomas Pitman) - TBD.pdf2015-09-16 18:351015 KB
file2015-04 Midtown TIF-Designed for Success - Midtown Magazine.pdf2015-04-13 18:491728 KB
file2015-08-24 North Midtown TIF revisions - MFCDC proposed revisions to draft DMD parcel list.xlsx2015-08-26 17:56128 KB
file2015-08-29 TIF glitch may imperil projects in Midtown - IBJ.pdf2015-08-31 14:38155 KB
file2015-09-01 Hoch Associates Architects, Engineers, Interiors Monday Musings-TIF.pdf2015-09-02 14:3627 KB
file2015-09-02 Mark Small-Glitch delays TIF metastasization.pdf2015-09-02 14:1631 KB
file2015-09-02 MFCDC ED Committee - North Midtown EDA-TIF Summary Explanation & Current Issues.docx2015-09-15 15:0628 KB
file2015-09-15 Midtown TIF Boundary Adjustment resolution.doc2015-09-16 19:0870 KB
file2015-09-16 Midtown TIF Boundary Adjustment (MDC presentation).pptx2015-09-22 17:11187 KB
file2015-09-21 MEC Midtown TIF Boundary Adjustment memo complete small.pdf2015-09-21 20:194041 KB
file2015-09-24 Midtown TIF Boundary Adjustment map 8.5x11.pdf2015-09-24 15:296229 KB
file2015-10-12 City-County Council Proposal 325, 2015 - Midtown TIF Boundary Adjustment.pdf2015-10-23 15:5313 KB
file2015-10-14 MEC Midtown TIF Boundary Adjustment memo update 2.3.pdf2015-10-15 15:29158 KB
fileIndianapolis Bond Bank FAQ.pdf2015-10-21 14:5323 KB
fileTIF DLGF Policy Info.lnk2015-09-04 15:231 KB